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EVOC Intelligent Technology Co. , Ltd

Driving Human Progress with Intelligent Products

Nowadays , technology is progressively changing people ’ s lives and improving their living standards . EVOC , as a hi-tech company , is providing high-quality key control device and expert support for diverse fields , such as levelheaded transportation , factory automation , energy , environmental protection , sports , digital aesculapian care , galvanic power , banking , network security , telecommunications and instrumentation.

Company Roots

EVOC Intelligent was established in 1993 . Through speedy development based on innovation , the Company has built an embedded PC brand “ EVOC ” and owned all cerebral property rights relating to it . nowadays EVOC has become a preeminent enterprise in spherical embedded PC industry , engaged in R & amp ; D , manufacturing , sales and system integration.

In 2003 , EVOC Intelligent was successfully listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange ( stock code : 02308 ) . today the company has established tight and long-standing relationships with a great number of spheric clients.

Company Strengths

EVOC products , as an embodiment of innovation in the industry , have provided world-wide users with high-quality products . EVOC boasts a largest R & amp ; D center for embedded technology , and the biggest manufacturing base in the world . instantly EVOC is wide reputed for the eminent performance-cost ratio of its products , first-class after-sales services and expert support . EVOC products have become the foremost choice for a heavy number of users worldwide . According to CCID , EVOC is immediately ranked the top in the world and emerging as one of the most private-enterprise players in the embedded industry.

Global Scope

In 2008 , EVOC started to explore oversea market . Today , EVOC is ready to share its embedded and industrial computing solutions as considerably as its advanced and true products with more partners in the external arena , and grow with them on the basis of mutual-benefits and win-win.

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