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Shanghai Quanjiang Industrial Co., Ltd.
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Shanghai Quanjiang Industrial Co., Ltd.

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Shanghai Quanjiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Quanjiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Quanjiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Quanjiang Industrial Co., Ltd. Shanghai Quanjiang Industrial Co., Ltd.

         Shanghai Quanjiang IndustrialCo., Ltd., together with Shanghai Quanye Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd., Shanghai Quanjiang Metal Decorating Co., Ltd., FujianJinjiang Hualian Trade Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Hualian Iron Decoratingand Tinmaking Co., Ltd., Jinjiang Huanyu Iron & Steel Co., Ltd.and Guangdong Huamin Iron & Steel Co., Ltd., forms a largejoint-stock enterprise.

   Shanghai Quanjiang Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 andis located in Yuepu Industrial Park, Baoshan District, Shanghai,with an area of about 55 mu, a reasonable layout and a superiorenvironment. The company mainly deals in tinplate, electricalsteel, cold and hot rolled plate, galvanized, full hard coil,pickling, etc, as well as steel product cutting business andexports steels. After several years of development, the company hasgradually become an agency of Baosteel Group, Wuhan Iron &Steel Co., Ltd., Russian Card Steel and Guangzhou Pacific TinplateCo., Ltd. in East China. In recent years, to meet customers’demands, the company has processed and produced tin platesindependently, which have been belauded for their reasonable priceand guaranteed quality.

   With the view of meeting customers’ demands for tinplateprinting, the company set up the Shanghai Quanjiang MetalDecorating Co., Ltd. in 2005 and introduced Japan’s most advancedmetal decorating equipment – PRIMEX-P452 printing press andTaiwan’s CL-902 + CL-903B printing press and CL-903A coatingmachine. In order to better ensure and more efficiently finishcustomer demands, the company brought in two sets of CHILI printingequipment from Britain successively in 2010. Now, it has 4 coatingmachines and 4 printing machines. High starting point, highstandard, plus sophisticated technologies, all this ensurecustomers’ high praise to the company.

   Quanjiang has a number of well-known customer groups in China,including Wong Lo Kat, Lulu, Red Bull, Want Want, Beingmate,Nestle, Yili and Xing Hua Lou. Relying on a good service platform,Quanjiang exports its tinplates and printing products to the USA,France, Italy, Vietnam, Thailand, Uganda, Netherlands, Russia, etc.

   In the new concept of “Quality First”, the company strives toserve all the customers both at home and abroad well and to seekfor mutual benefit and win-win. Welcome to contact us!

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