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Polished Cemented Tungsten Carbide Cutting Disc / Grinding Disk In Round

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Zhuzhou Gingte Cemented Carbide Co.,LTD

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Polished Cemented Tungsten Carbide Cutting Disc / Grinding Disk In Round

Polished tungsten carbide grinding disk​

About Us

Tungsten carbide Sintering at 1500'c

The tungsten carbide, along with its excellent properties, is produced through sintering in vacuum furnaces and sinter-hip installations. Precise process management which, in addition to specialist knowledge, also demands a great deal of experience, forms a decisive factor in the quality of the tungsten carbide produced.

Product Description:

Product Nametungsten carbide grinding disk
MaterialHard metal
Size ToleranceAccording to the drawing
ColorSliver grey
Recommend GradeK30
Grain SizeMiddle Grain Size
ApplicationTungsten Carbide-protected wear parts
Processing TreatmentHIP sintering
Product FeaturesLong life, wear resistance

Grade Performance

Tungsten Carbide Cold Forging/heading Dies
GradesDensityT.R.SHardnessPerformance & application recommended
YG1114.4≥300088.5Forming or stamping dies for metal powders and nonmetal powders.
YG1514≥340087.5For fabricating drawing dies of steel tubes and rods under High compressibility ratio; punching, stamping, forging tools under large stress.
YG2013.5≥380085.5For fabricating of stamping dies for watch parts, spring plates of musical instruments, battery jars, small sized steel balls, screws, screw caps.
YG15C14≥400086.5For oil cone drill bits,cut medium soft and hard rocks;debarking and cutting of frozen wood,soft wood and original wood.
YG16C13.9≥350085.5Impact resistance forging dies.
YG18C13.7≥360084.5Impact resistance forging dies, hot-press forging dies and rollers.
YG20C13.5≥380083.5Dies for wear resistant or impact resistant application.
YG22C13.3≥400083Nut forming dies and high impact resistance forging dies.
GT5513.1≥425082.5Stainless bolt header dies and rollers.

More Details:

Factory Equipments:

There are some advanced producing equipments in Zhuzhou Gingte Cemented Carbide Co.,ltd

* HIP sintering furnace

* Spraying Draying system

* 200T TPA acutomatic press machine

* CNC Grinder

* Spark Erosion machine

* Wire cutting machine,etc


For further question, pls contact our sales engineer

Name:Daisy Tian

E-mail: zzgt3@gtcarbide.com


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Quality Polished Cemented Tungsten Carbide Cutting Disc / Grinding Disk In Round for sale

Polished Cemented Tungsten Carbide Cutting Disc / Grinding Disk In Round

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