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Shenzhen RenWei Optoelectronic Co., Ltd

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Shenzhen RenWei Optoelectronic Co., Ltd Shenzhen RenWei Optoelectronic Co., Ltd Shenzhen RenWei Optoelectronic Co., Ltd

Shenzhen RenWei Optoelectronic Co., Ltd

RW, founded in 2012 and located in Shenzhen, China, is the worldleader and pioneer for UV LED curing with professionalmanufacturing, creative R&D, rich experience sales team andgood aftersale service.

RW UVLED curing technology is utilized for drying inks, coatings,adhesives and other UV sensitive materials through polymerization.Our UV curing system can apply to many fields, including UVadhesive curing for industrial bonding and sealing, UV coating forwood surfaces and other coated surfaces, UV LED printing fordigital, screen and flexographic processes. UV LED curingtechnology increasing productivity, lower operating costs andprovide a safer workplace environment with no hazardous materials.

RenWei focus on high power UV curing technology and got sevennational patents. RenWei has 2COB lines with K&S equipment and1 assembling workshop, high quality accessories, like Panasonic'scompressor and MW power.Renwei's products including UV LED curinglight, UV LED curing flood/line/spot system, UV LED dryer, UV lamp,UV LED source etc. These products come in a variety of sizes orcustomized sizes to match application needs.We produce bothair-cooled and water cooled UV curing products, our R&D teamhas the capability to design suitable products to meet your projectrequirement.

We use chip assembly instead of led, it makes our productsefficient and high powered with a small form-factor. We improvedcooling system, the working times is 25000-30000 hours and there isno light failure during the working times.We use quartz forencapsulation chips. It is anti-radiation, high temperatureresistance, easy maintenance and have a lower cost.

RenWei can provide not only high quality UV LED curing system, butalso professional technology,customized project requirements andgood service.


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