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Shenzhen Doxi World Electronic Co., Ltd.
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Shenzhen Doxi World Electronic Co., Ltd.

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Shenzhen Doxi World Electronic Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Doxi World Electronic Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Doxi World Electronic Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Doxi World Electronic Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Doxi World Electronic Co., Ltd.

The company has accumulated many years of experience in theMultimedia-one computer field, professional, dedicated, engaged intouch one machine, touch POS machine, multimedia advertisingmachine, touch advertising machine, desktop interactive gamehardware support and computer application software development Andsales as one. With quality first, teamwork, cooperation andwin-win, honest service as the concept! With the spirit ofresponsibility, seriousness and high efficiency, we will createideal high-quality products and considerate service systems for ourcustomers; provide solutions for OEM customers. The customer baseis vast, and the products are sold all over the world and arehighly praised. Currently with Beijing Dinghao, Hailong, ShanghaiSEG, Science and Technology Beijing, Shenyang South Tower, Daxi,Xinjiang Urumqi Electronic City, Guangzhou Liwan, New SEG, NanjingHualong, Zhongshan, Hefei Electronics, Chengdu Electronic City,Zhengzhou Bainaohui, Innovation, Chongqing Yalan, Ningxia, Hainan,Kunming, etc. The cooperation of electronic city shops in majorcities across the country is the preferred machine for hotelcashier, catering a la carte, KTV songs, interactive games, publicplaces! The professional technicians have established a technicalteam and accumulated a lot of experience in the beginning of themachine in 2003 to provide technical support for your after-sales,keep up with the times, and constantly master the latestinnovations in Europe, America, Taiwan, Japan and other countries.Market development trends related information, improve productcompetitiveness, our goal: to build an international brand ofChina's one machine!

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