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Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)

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Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)

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Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) Exacta® Link ManufacturingExecution Software (MES) Planning System Interface:  real-timeor near-real time connection/data and information transfer betweenExacta Link MES and your ERP or MRP via socket communications,shared tables or flat files. Work Order Management:  thescheduling of all work orders in the system using client-approvedscheduling algorithms or, in conjunction with our optionalBroadcast Receiver, sequencing instructions supplied by our clients customer(s). Inventory Management:  develops, stores, andmaintains the details of each lot or unit of inventory, includingraw materials, purchased parts, WIP and finished goods. WorkstationManagement:  based on the schedule and recipe and timeinformation supplied by the client (through our Exacta® Manageradministration) module, creates and reports each workstation sschedule and provides the operators at those stations with set-up(e.g. tooling) information to control the run. Data CollectionModule: automatically (through PLC or PC-based controls) receivesand stores the product genealogy data produces by production andaudit and testing machines. Exception Management: Reportsunexpected events that affect the production plan to supervisorsand managers via e-mail and/or alarms. Statistical Process ControlReporting Module: Real-time reports available through our Exacta®Manager  Administration Module Time and Attendance ReportingModule: reporting on a per shift, daily, weekly and monthly basisand again made available though our Exacta® Manager Administration Module Document Management Module: controls/displays the drawings, photos and written instructionsused by employees to accomplish production at individualworkstations. Maintenance Management Module: tracks machine useand, based on client supplied business rules, and directs theactivities of the maintenance department to ensure equipment andtool availability (information passed to Workstation ManagementModule). Labor Management Module: provides real-time status ofpersonnel. Performance Analysis: Real-time reporting of actual mfgoperations results compared to history, goals etc. Benefits fromusing Manufacturing Execution Software(MES): Reduce manufacturingcycle time Reduce or eliminate date entry time Reduce work inprocess Reduce or eliminate paperwork between shifts Reduce overalllead times Improve product quality Eliminate lost paperwork Empowerplant operations personnel Improve the planning process Improvecustomer service

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Quality Manufacturing Execution Software (MES) for sale

Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)

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