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Established in 1996, Hongwen Technology is an ISO9001:2000-certified manufacturer of various phone chargers andbatteries. Our products include power adapter car chargers, mobilephone sleeves and Apple device accessories. We started exporting in2000 and our products are well-received in North America, WesternEurope and Australia. We also offer OEM/ODM services to our clientsplus we have 15 raw material suppliers and some of them have beenworking with us for 15 years.
Our controlling company is in Shenzhen covering over 3,000 squaremeters while our branch factory is in Sichuan Province coveringabout 10,000 square meters. Our monthly capacity is over 2 millionpower supplies where 80% of which are for export. We use SMD/SMT,crest weders, multi-function testing frames, equipment for WEDM-LSall purchased from Mitsubishi, Japan. We apply the ERP ManagementSystem in our company.
We have 51 R&D engineers with 8 years' related workingexperience who can speak in English. They can offer 3-7 new itemsmonthly and they have worked in companies such as ZTE, Huawei andGreat Wall. We cooperate with Xi'an Electronic and ScienceUniversity in designing the key circuit of low power consumption.This is all possible since we invest 8% of our total sales to ourR&D. We offer custom designs and samples take around 15-20days.
A famous England buyer awarded us the title of “Golden Supplier” in2010. We have 30 QC staff with over 7 years' experience who give usa repair rate of 0.03% and perform over-voltage and over-current aswell as drop tests and cryogenic tests for new samples.
We have 30 salespersons who speak English with an average of 7years' working experience. We support urgent and mixed orders. Someof our samples are free if customers pay for the freight charges.Our current export markets are Europe, the US and Asia. We offer ayear's warranty and our delivery period is 7-10 days for 3,000pieces. Contact us today.

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